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I don’t know about anyone else, but when I get new stuff I can not wait to go home and try it.  Clothes, shoes, electronics, kitchen stuff, I have a compulsion to find a way to use it.  Many times I will create a situation in which I get to try out my new kitchen toys.  For example:  when I got my immersion blender, I also went out and bought all the ingredients for garlic soup simply because it was the first recipe I could find that required an immersion blender.  Also, I mean, garlic soup, who is going to fight against eating that? Its creamy, garlicky and cheese.  If that doesn’t sound good to you, I’m seriously concerned about you. 

So recently I got some new pastry tips, but I’m hesitant to make a whole cake or batch of cupcakes mostly due to the fact that after baking and decorating, I would then proceed to eat, and eat, and eat and eat.  Now its one thing to eat a whole batch of risotto or rice-a-roni (a secret passion of mine, shut up), however to eat an entire cake is a bit extreme.  Luckily, Tuesday was one of my student’s 16th birthday so it was the perfect excuse to make cupcakes!  Hooray!!  Pink is her absolute favorite color, so I decided to make chocolate cupcakes with pink icing. 

Once the cupcakes were all baked and cooled, I threw together some white icing, mixed in 3 drops of red food dye and viola!  I tried out a bunch of my new piping tips, but I think that I played for a little two long and by the end the frosting had warmed up considerably and was becoming way to soft.  My bad.  Turn out I still have A LOT to learn about piping, but I think some of them turned out pretty cute, and my student really liked them, which was the ultimate point.  Hopefully I get another chance to practice soon…I think there is another birthday coming up next week.  Sweet!


On another note, while I was in the living room writing this, Jasper somehow managed to knock over a batch of biscuits I had made and was plowing through them by the time I got into the kitchen.  Can you see the guilt in his eyes?  Can you see his eyes?

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