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Let it be…

Posted: June 5, 2011 | Author: Alyssa | Filed under: Alyssa | 2 Comments »

As cooks I think we have the tendency to over complicate.  Normally this is a good thing, trying to increase the complexity of a dish by layering flavors and balancing all the components to acheive that perfect bite.  However I think that sometimes these goals give us tunnel vision, and make it easy to lose sight of the fact that sometimes some things should just be left alone. 

Today I was in the grocery store and  they had the most beautiful strawberries I’ve ever seen.  Immediately my mind started racing with ideas of things I could do with them.  Strawberry-basil filled chocolate cake, strawberry balsamic sauce over porkchops, strawberry rhubarb crumble, strawberry margaritas, the list goes on….So obviously I had to buy them. 

Of course, with all those things in my head I just couldn’t decide so I just started eating them.  They were so delicious!  In my efforts to be creative and expand my cooking horizons it hadn’t even occured to me to just eat them as they were.  Those of you rolling your eyes right now, its cool, I know I’m an idiot.   

When I was little my mom always used to cut up strawberries and mix them with sugar or whipped cream as a treat, and when I was in Denmark, dessert was almost always fresh berries with whole milk poured over them.  Its been so long since I just ate a strawberry without anything else I had forgotten how much I really like them.

  I feel like this has sort of been a theme in my life recently.  I spend so much time worrying about all the crazy things that complicate life, I tend to forget the simple things that help me relax and keep me focused,  like cooking, listening to music and reading.  Its easy to say this now, with summer break just a week away, but I really want to try and focus on keeping things simple, both in my food and in my life. 

Lets see if I can…

2 Comments on “Let it be…”

  1. 1 Mom J said at 1:55 pm on June 5, 2011:

    Make it so!!!!! From your lips to God’s ears!

  2. 2 Josie said at 5:12 pm on June 7, 2011:

    Jesse and I actually shared about half a pint of blueberries for dessert last night.
    I’ve often found that the best things I make are the simplest – like my favorite roast chicken, which is seasoned with salt and lemon zest and nothing else. When things taste more like themselves, I think I like them a whole lot better.

    To keeping it simple.

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