Pretty Girls Use Knives

About Pretty Girls Use Knives

Pretty Girls Use Knives was Johanna’s Myspace name at the end of September 2008. Leah saw it, and told Johanna that it sounded like an all-girl culinary gang. Johanna is no longer on Myspace. Neither is Leah. But Pretty Girls Use Knives lives on.

This gang is exactly what Leah described: an all-girl cooking collective. We all love to be in the kitchen. Some of us only cook, some of us only bake, some of us have dietary restrictions, some of us can do it all. We all love to talk about food, we love new ideas, and we understand that food is best when shared. So welcome to our kitchens. We’d love to share with you.

But don’t mess with us. This is still a gang. We’ll cut you.

The Improviser

Johanna never ate meatloaf until she was 23 years old. She has never eaten a Brussels sprout. She started cooking at age 20 as an exchange student, because in Scotland, universities don’t have dining halls (or at least, hers didn’t). Thanks to Stirling University’s lack of dining hall, Johanna learned she loves cooking more than baseball, the beach, Daniel Craig’s thighs, Riesling, and chocolate chip cookies.
The Triple Threat

Alyssa started cooking for more than sustenance in high school. Baking came a little later with the discovery that chocolate chip cookies were not the strange mystery that she thought they were. Once she moved out on her own she was able to play around (and create huge messes without anyone around to notice). Feeding people is a passion, and there is nothing better than seeing the look on someone’s face when they take that first bite of something amazing.
We Use Mixers, Too

Bakezilla (not her real name, her parents aren't that nuts) starting baking about 10 years ago for bake sales for her high school swim team. It's been a love affair since. She has declared a ban on cake mixes and canned frosting in her life. She can't cook, only bake, which is why she's staying faithfully behind her mixer. She's also really tough, which is why she was invited to join the gang. Don't let the cookies fool you.
The Kosher Chick

Rita has been eating kosher for her entire life. Formerly a carnivore, she is now mostly vegetarian for health and cost reasons (but still misses the built-in grill in her parents' backyard). She makes authentic cups of Cuban coffee and arroz con pollo and constantly fights the urge to throw large dinner parties. Rita lives in New York.